WOWIO.com is an online destination that provides users with the opportunity to share and consume digital media content, such as eComics and eBooks, while providing revenue-generating opportunities for creators and publishers through advertising and merchandising programs.  With over 6,000 titles from more than 200 publishers, wowio.com is one of the longest-standing eBook distribution platforms in the industry.  StudioW is looking to break new ground with an advertising-subsidized model that changes the eBook revenue paradigm across the board, providing greater access to digital content.   Click HERE for more information.

The SpaceDog library of stories told through comic books, graphic novels, screenplays and books, highlights story-telling that is relatable and grounded and integrates the fantastic.  StudioW acquired this library in May, 2010 to develop the various titles for digital media and traditional media production and distribution.  A sample of SpaceDog comic book titles are available for download on the WOWIO site HERE.  In addition, Studio W has created a partnership with Monster Arts for the development of mobile games and other apps based on SpaceDog titles.  The first APP game based on the SpaceDog title, The Burning Man, can be downloaded HERE.  View our SpaceDog properities HERE.

StudioW launched its own publishing label, Carthay Circle Publishing in September, 2012.  An integral part of the digital media distribution platform, CCP identifies new and original content that it develops for multiple modes of digital and traditional media production and distribution.  CCP launched its first title, ABOVE, as an eBook across all platforms including wowio.com and developed other material across other StudioW outlets.  CCP will be launching additional titles, including a 4-book comic series entitled WILDFIRE with partner Top Cow Productions in 2014.   Read more at the CCP website by clicking HERE.

The Duck, one of the largest webcomics destinations, provides in-depth art, writing, and technical tutorials written by members of the Duck community, a robust forums section to interact with one another, a user-generated merchandise store for creators to sell their work to their fans, and numerous other free features. The Duck offers many free tools to not only help a webcomic creator publish their work online, but also to continually learn and grow as an artist.  As our creators complete storylines, we enable self-publishing capabilities that move those stories to the WOWIO eComics.  Click HERE to visit the site.

POP Galaxy was developed to create and produce original, daily and weekly episodic video content for a passionate, hyper-connected audience. POP Galaxy focuses on what our audience craves, from music to movies, comics to games, combining authentic voices, unique online video formats and high quality editorial.  Click HERE to visit our YouTube Channel.